välkommen till lund, lycka till med plugget! :)

Man tackar! :)

Keep up the good work.


Today I moved to a new city (Lund) where I don’t know a single soul. I’ve just finished packing up all my boxes and I’ve placed almost everything in different drawers and closets. Now when I relax I just sit down, listen to Simon & Garfunkel and wonder how this happened. Life moves fast to say the least. On monday I start artschool with a bunch of new people and I’m both excited and nervous. 

London in colour 5/7

One of the days we went to The London tower, they were making a memorial for all the english soldiers that died in WW1. There were red, hand made flowers pouring out of the buildning, really impressing. It was an amazing place, I especially liked the ravens, they were so amazing and powerful.They also had really nice sculptures of different animals made from chicken wire. Afterwards we visited The national gallery and I bought some books!

I just got home from a weekend in Uppsala with my family. We went there to go to my cousin’s wedding on the saturday. I was looking forward to it but I was also a bit nervous because I was assigned to photograph it all. I hope they will be happy with the result! It was a beautiful wedding and I had a lot of fun. It was less fun to sit in a car for seven and a half hours on the way home though. Ugh. I will upload the photos here as soon as I’ve uploaded the photos from London. I know I’m slow but I will get better. I hope you will like it, it’s a new thing for me to do this. The closest thing to it was when I photographed Molly for her prom earlier this summer. I’m usually great at bossing people around but it was weird when it was my relatives haha. But I cross my fingers that my cousin and her now husband will like the result!  

London in colour 4/7

All the walking through the week made us exhausted. It was especially bad for our poor feet because we refused to wear good shoes.

Sorry for not posting regularly this week, a lot has been going on. I’m currently moving to Lund and I try to spend as much time with my friends as I can. I will upload the photos even If it gets a bit irregular :)

London in colour 3/7

On our third day we went shopping on Oxford street all day but we also had time to go to Hyde park. The small piece that we saw was beautiful, I especially liked all the birds by the water. I think half of my pictures from the trip are of swans and other cool birds. We went back there a few times and ate super fancy supermarket food in the evenings. It was really cosy.

London in colour 2/7

After Bakerstreet we ate some lunch in a Sherlock Holmes inspired café and after that we went to Camden. This was one of the things that I looked forward to most. I am a huge fan of markets, second hand stores, fleamarkets and garage sales so I had quite high expectations! When we arrived it was love at first sight, it was the most amazing place. The further you went into the labyrinth of shops and tunnels the more excited and curious you got. There were beautiful buildings, uniqe shops, all kinds of different people and a lovely atmosphere. I’ve never seen anything like it! We walked around this neverending market until closing time and I spent more money than I should have. Ehem. So much nice stuff, I could not resist. I defenetly want to go there again to see all the things I missed this time. I truly envy people who live in London.

London in colour 1/7

The day we arrived we were so tired and had no energy to explore anyting in general. Our biggest achivement was when we found a Starbucks so that we could eat. On our second day though we were ready to see what London had to offer. Our first stop was Bakerstreet and the Sherlock Holmes museum. The fangirl inside me went a bit crazy and I kind of raided the giftshop afterwards… It was a very good start for me even though the line to go inside seemed endless.